I'm a CG Art Director currently living on the Eastern Shore. I am the founder of the remote collective know as CeruleanCGI and after over 23 years in NY I made the move south to Delaware to enjoy the sunshine, waves and a fresh take on things.

A graduate of Pratt Institute and industry veteran for over 17 years, I've worked in almost every capacity of CGI from concept, layout and cameras to lead artist in modeling, animation and lighting. I've also had extensive experience as CGI Supervisor where I've assembled and lead large teams of artists on numerous successful campains. Along the way I've had the good fortune to work along side some incredibly talented people and create some amazing artwork.

Coming from a design/illustration background I bridge both sides of the industry, from the Art to the Technical. I look at every project as a personal goal to excel at bringing old school problem solving together with the latest techniques and advancements in our industry. Realizing that each new challenge requires a balance of experience, a trained eye and a fresh exuberance that help to keep things enjoyable and productive for me and the team I'm working with.